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MPN Roster of Treating Physicians - KCHA

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For additional information regarding the Foundation for Medical Care of Kern County MPN, please contact:

MPN Contact:
Name: Foundation for Medical Care of Kern County
Title: Provider Relations Department/KCHA MPN Coordinator
Address: 5701 Truxtun Avenue, Suite 100, Bakersfield, CA 93309
Telephone Number: (877) 222-4946
Email: FoundationMPN@kernfmc.com

Medical Access Assistant:
Toll Free Telephone Number: (833) 367-3122
Fax Number: (661) 616-4883
Email: FoundationMPN@kernfmc.com

For information on how to obtain a copy of any notification or policy pertaining to the MPN, this includes but is not limited to, Second and Third Opinion Process, Access Standard Policy, the Complete Written MPN Employee Notification, Continuity of Care Policy and Transfer of Ongoing Care Policy, please contact the Workers’ Compensation Manager or MPN Contact for assistance in obtaining a copy of the MPN notice.